who we are

Conrotto Progetti is an architecture and interior design practice with over half a century of experience.
We create projects that stand out for their winning mix of rigor and creativity, in which proportion between elements, balanced composition and care for detail come together in harmony so people can experience beauty in a physical space.
Our work is imbued with Italian style and draws from a culture of craftsmanship that holds itself to the highest standards, to give everything we do a recognizable taste and style.

what we do

Over the past thirty years, Conrotto Progetti has specialized in retail spaces with chain stores of all kinds, from small boutiques to department stores, in every market and for any target.
Following a work method that we have developed over the years, we create a new concept for each client, so that we can communicate their original identity and translate it into inviting physical spaces.
Being able to finalize any kind of detailed design, we can provide our clients with a furniture book that makes quotes for the format easy to calculate and update.

some facts

Conrotto Progetti can design all of a chain’s points of purchase, flagship stores, shop-in-shops and sales corners, as well as the architecture of commercial buildings and shopping malls.
Just in 2016, we carried out and delivered over 150 retail projects for different chain stores, ranging from 10 to 10,000-square-meter layouts.
Offering this type of service has allowed us to develop successful professional relationships that have lasted over a decade in some cases, with as many as 600 spaces designed for a single client.